Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' was covered by four artificially windswept, color coordinated, perfectly coiffed young women who call themselves Lakoda Rayne on tonight's 'X Factor,' and gosh would we rather watch Stevie Nicks sing it instead.

Head judge Simon Cowell nailed their performance perfectly when he said the quartet looked and sang as if they were attending a high school prom. The scene where Dan Aykroyd sings soullessly with his blue-blood stock exchange frat brothers at the start of 'Trading Places' also came to mind.

Apparently, the women were each dressed so as to represent one of the four seasons of the year, and whaddya know? They spent more time explaining which one of them matched up with what part of the year personality-wise than they did singing. As our sister site Popcrush pointed out, once they got down to it, the quartet proved they can harmonize well enough, but there was no real perspective, passion or emotion presented by any of them tonight.

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' on the 'X Factor'