Kiss? That's kid stuff! Or so thought many a snobby "serious" rock fan back in the late '70s. By that time, Kiss had become a marketing machine who's audience kept getting younger and younger. Well, some things never change. Witness Avery Molek, 5 year old Kiss fanatic, as he pays tribute to his heroes while he pounds his drums in full Peter Criss "Catman" makeup. The kid's got it!

Before running through snippets of 20 different Kiss songs (one from each studio album -- he included 'Killers' and 'Smashes, Thrashes and Hits' but left out 'Carnival of Souls, if you really wanna nerd out), Avery says "Thank you Kiss, here's my tribute to you." The kid's got some skill, too! He not only has a fairly solid rhythm, but he has all the fills down pat, as well as the feel of the songs! He obviously loves the music, but more importantly, he really seems to love being behind the kit!

Would it surprise you to learn that Avery has his own website and his own You Tube channel? We didn't think it would. His website declares "I am 5 year old Avery Molek and absolutely LOVE drumming since I was 2 and LOVE KISS even more." Incidentally, Avery has met current guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons would be wise to sign this kid up now to keep the franchise going long into the future!

In the book 'Kiss: Behind The Mask,' former Kiss manager Bill Aucoin noted that "around 1979, the band began to think it was getting too kiddie-like. The fans became younger and younger." Looks like that trend is continuing to this day; at this rate babies will be born wearing greasepaint!

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Watch Five-Year-Old Avery Molek Perform 20 Different Kiss Songs