Elton John may have just played his last show in Beijing. The singer dedicated Sunday night's (Nov. 25) concert in the Chinese capital city to controversial artist Ai Weiwei, who has used his art to bring the world's attention to injustices committed by the Chinese government.

The Associated Press reports that the pop singer and Weiwei met before the concert, something the recently-detained man confirmed on Twitter. "I super like him," he tweeted (translation: AP).

John has often mixed politics with music and this isn't the first time he's spoken his mind in a communist state. Earlier this year he was honored for helping Poland's anti-communist movement by playing a concert there in 1984. At the show he praised Lech Walesa, who was leading the charge to bring down General Jaruzelski. Walsea would eventually become president of a democratic Poland.

Ai Weiwei's story became worldwide news after his detainment, when he was forbidden from leaving China to attend an Oct. opening of a retrospective of his art in Washington D.C. On Monday he was named as a candidate for Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2012.