Jeff Lynne has released a new lyric video for "One Step at a Time," a track from his new Electric Light Orchestra album Alone in the Universe.

"'One Step at a Time' came to me at a moment when I wanted an uptempo song again," Lynne's quoted as saying of the track. "I started out trying to make a nice chord sequence and melody and then gradually I fit some pieces I had together like a jigsaw puzzle. The songs all come together differently, but sometimes they come in bits and pieces."

As previously reported, Alone in the Universe marks the end of a lengthy gap between projects Lynne has recorded under the ELO banner, arriving 14 years after 2001's Zoom. Though it's billed as a group outing, Lynne essentially served as a one-man band during recording. "I did everything except the shaker and the tambourine, which my engineer Steve [Jay] played," he told Rolling Stone. "It was just a two-man exercise, with him manning all the lifeboats and me doing all the singing and playing."

"One Step at a Time" was released as the second single from Alone in the Universe in late October and arrives during the long lead-up to ELO's 2016 tour, which is currently scheduled to begin April 5 in Liverpool. Although he's largely stayed off the live circuit since ELO went on hiatus in the '80s, Lynne admitted that his 2014 Hyde Park concert provided the spark that inspired him to revive the band.

"It was absolutely astonishing, and so thrilling," said Lynne of the audience's response at that show. "It was beyond anything I could have imagined. I could feel the love and the pleasure they were having, clapping along to every song. It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling."

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