Eddie Money's anthem 'Take Me Home Tonight' is used in the latest ESPN Sports Bar Commercial. It's 30 seconds of animated and live action hilarity, set to Money's '80s ode to being unable to sleep solo. In case you reside under a rock and are wondering "What the hell is ESPN Sports Bar?," we're happy to shed some light. ESPN Sports Bar is an addictive (and free) Facebook game where you can build, decorate and run your owns Sports Bar. That's right – you'll the be boss of your own libation serving establishment.

The new promo video features a bunch of avatars and two average Joes who are tossing back brews and bonding over bottomless beers while acknowledging that they feel like they are in a video game. The digital bartender, with his bow tie and five o'clock shadow, only speaks gibberish. Then, one of the intoxicated avatars goes streaking and shows off his junk while a fellow avatar patron pukes his guts up. We love it when an animated game mimics real life, because, really, who hasn't experienced this scenario at their local dive? Maybe those two average Joes aren't really in a video game after all!

Warning: You do not want to play the game while you're at work or you'll never get anything done and will be left dreaming about happy hour and Yuengs and wings while you construct your own watering hole. You may the boss of your own virtual bar in the digital space and while that's all well and good, your real-life, paycheck-signing boss won't be happy if you're distracted by this game.

For more details on ESPN Sports Bar, go here.

Watch the ESPN Sports Bar Commercial Featuring Eddie Money's 'Take Me Home Tonight'