It's been more than 15 years since Eddie Money released an album of new original songs, but that hasn't been for lack of material. As he explained during a recent interview with ABC News Radio, he's just waiting for the right label to show interest.

"I've got a classic 10 songs that are just outrageously dynamite," said Money, insisting the new collection was "ready to go" and adding that it even has a title: Shake That Thing, named for a track that's "kind of like an instrumental."

Although he concedes that most of his fan base seems to be mainly interested in hearing his hits, Money believes they'd find a lot to relate to in his new material, which concerns midlife experiences like "breaking up with the old lady and hanging out in a hotel."

"It's got some really very tragic blues stuff on it, but it's got some happy stuff on it too," he explained. "I think if you write music and the music really comes from your heart, whether you're getting f---ed around, you're going through a divorce, whatever, if you feel that music, people are going to realize you feel it and they're gonna feel it too."

Money's most recent release, 2007's Wanna Go Back, was distributed independently and consisted of covers of '60s hits like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." It marked his first studio effort since 1999's Ready Eddie, his sole outing for the CMC International label, and came after 1995's Love and Money, Money's only release for the short-lived Wolfgang Records. Money's greatest hits, which started with "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets to Paradise" from his 1977 self-titled debut LP, were recorded for Columbia Records, which he left after the Unplug It In live EP in 1992.

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