After decades of singing about listening to the radio, Eddie Money will get a different perspective, from inside the speakers, as the new morning show host at WSRV-FM in Atlanta, Ga.

The Money Man won’t actually be based at the station – he’ll record "most" of the show at home in Los Angeles, which makes a lot more sense, because we never really pegged Eddie as the early rising type of guy.

Radio has seduced a number of musicians in the past – most recently Alice Cooper and Nikki Sixx have successfully made the transition. Greg Khin, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward also have proven their radio worth (not to mention, excellent musical taste).

But there’s also the David Lee Roth factor – we all are very aware how his radio adventures went when he was tapped as the replacement for Howard Stern. We’re not counting Eddie out on this one though. His fun-loving next door neighbor kind of personality will very likely make him a presence that listeners can identify with, just as they have done with his music through the years. After all, we still want to go to paradise, and Eddie swears that he’s taking everybody.

Eddie’s new show debuts this coming Monday (Oct. 10), and he’ll host ‘Money In The Morning’ weekdays thereafter from 6AM ET until 9 AM ET.