Legendary sound engineer and producer Eddie Kramer has worked with everyone from the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to KissJimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, and now he's preparing to tell his tale with the book and film documentary, ‘From the Other Side of the Glass.’

In 2012, Kramer will celebrate his 50th year in the business and his 70th birthday. These milestones have prompted him to push forward with ‘Other Side of the Glass.’ Based on many of the historic rock ‘n’ roll photographs he’s taken over the years, the film and book will cover the years ’67 to ’73 -- “rock ‘n’ roll at its peak and prime,” as Kramer tells the Cornell Daily Sun.

He continues to talk about being in the right place at the right time, explaining that “it was the perfect crucible of all of the influential, royal greats of rock 'n’ roll -- the Stones, Traffic, Small Faces, I mean, it was just marvelous.”

Meanwhile, last weekend Kramer participated in a unique educational experience that may put every other ‘school of rock’ to shame when he gave a lecture to members of Cornell University's Theta Delta Chi fratenity. Sharing his personal photos and stories of some of rock’s most acclaimed alumni kept the students enthralled.

Also that weekend, Kramer gave a handful of Ithaca College students the opportunity to record and produce a song with a local band at Ithaca, N.Y.'s Pyramid Sound Studios. One can only imagine Kramer academia to be mind numbing (in a positive way), and that this particular class will be remembered long after their diplomas turns yellow.

Kramer encourages students and those who see him as a mentor to be “inventive and don’t turn anything down.” Coming from someone with his credentials, that’s "Rock ‘n’ Roll 101."