Guns N’ Roses fans going through withdrawal may soon have something to satisfy their fix. Ex-GN'R bassist Duff McKagan has divulged that there are talks of his band Loaded touring with his former GN'R bandmate Izzy Stradlin at the end of 2011. Furthermore, McKagan hopes that both acts can share a bill with Slash in the near future.

In an interview with RockAAA at the UK's 2011 Download festival, McKagan reveals that there's a chance Loaded can hit the road with Stradlin this year.

“It would be, it will be, really fun to go to South America and the UK with Loaded and Izzy to do a tour together,” McKagan says. “He and I have talked about it and it’d be great. At the end we’d do some songs together like ‘Dust N’ Bones’ and ‘Pretty Tied Up’ or whatever ... It would be really cool.”

McKagan, who fronts Loaded, adds that being the lead singer of a band is “really no different” than holding down bass lines. He talks about how he gained some experience when he had to fill in on vocals a few times when Scott Weiland was too incapacitated to sing in Velvet Revolver.

“You’re there. You’ve written these songs. You’re there to play them live,” he explains. “Hopefully there’s some people who have your record and know the songs, and if I’m playing bass or whatever, it doesn’t really matter … but I feel very in tune with the audience, like I’m one of them."

McKagan also says that he would love for Loaded and Stradlin to embark on a trek with Slash for a triple bill. "It would be great if all three of us ... went out on tour together."

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