If you've ever wondered what the Doors might look like performing at a midnight rave, you can get a bit of an idea by watching the new video for 'Breakin A Sweat (It's Alright),' the seemingly improbable but completely true collaboration between dubstep artist Skrillex and surviving members of the Doors .

'Breakin' A Sweat' ushers the music of the legendary group into the electronic age -- and while it's a debatable move, keyboardist Ray Manzarek says that his late former bandmate, frontman Jim Morrison would have been completely on board with the idea.

“He'd love it. He was no purist,” says Manzarek. "His words were his mileau. He might be, 'Don't f--k with my words,' but he'd be open for all kind of improvisations. He loved that stuff."

Recorded for the 'Re:Generation Music Project' documentary, Manzarek ambitiously dubs the track as “the first new Doors track of the 21st century.” He's keen for further exploration and says “we might do some stuff in that direction” and calls electronics “the new realm of music.”

“Electronics can go anywhere so that's what I'm looking forward to in the future,” he adds.

One person who won't be part of that future is former Doors drummer John Densmore, who also played on the new song. There were tentative plans for a live performance of 'Breakin' A Sweat' at the Grammy Awards, but they were put on ice when Densmore made it clear that he wouldn't participate. Estranged from both Manzarek and Doors guitarist Robby Krieger for a number of years, Manzarek says that Densmore remains in “virtual total incommunicado” with his former bandmates.

'The Year of The Doors' will occupy Manzarek's calendar for 2012, with an expanded edition of 'L.A. Woman' on tap and a new documentary 'Mr. Mojo Risin': The Story of L.A. Woman' representing merely the tip of the iceberg of planned activities.

Watch The Video For 'Breakin' A Sweat'