We would believe it even if we didn’t see it: The Journey classic ‘Don’t’ Stop Believin’’ -- a radio, jukebox, wedding, graduation, Bar Mitzvah, prom, road trip, karaoke, 'Sopranos,' bachelor party, YouTube, 'Glee,' iTunes and cover band classic -- lands at No. 1 on our Facebook poll of favorite Journey songs of all time.

Not surprisingly, ‘Believin’’ won by a large margin. Among the other songs in the Top 10 are 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart),' 'Any Way You Want It' and ‘Wheel in the Sky.' See the complete Top 10 list below.

Write-in votes extended the list to more than 90 answers, with Journey songs like 'Daydream,' the Steve Perry solo tune ‘Oh Sherry,’ the pre-Perry track ‘Hustler’ and current Journey singer Arnel Pineda’s cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin' on Heaven’s Door’ also on the tally.

Then there were the jokers (or maybe just confused souls) who couldn’t help themselves. Alice in Chains tunes ‘Down in a Hole’ and ‘Man in the Box’ made an appearance, as did Foreigner’s ‘Double Vision.’ And some voters used the opportunity to step up on their soapbox, making comments like “Only the first album was good,” “they’re all great songs” and our personal favorite, the endearing, “Journey [are] the best, we miss [you] Steve.”

Facebook Poll's Top 10 Journey Songs:

10. 'Feeling That Way/Anytime'
9. 'Stone in Love'
8. 'Lights'
7. 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)'
6. 'Any Way You Want It'
5. ‘Wheel in the Sky'
4. ‘Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin’'
3. 'Open Arms’
2. 'Faithfully'
1. ‘Don’t’ Stop Believin’’