When you think of ‘80s metal pioneers Dio certain imagery comes to mind. Satan and fiery visions of hell are up there. Tigers, the midnight sea, rainbows and, of course, the ubiquitous horned metal salute are given. One thing that has never really crossed our minds is cheeseburgers…until now.

Fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have recently debuted a brand new ad featuring an attractive brunette taking a whopping chomp out of a double cheeseburger with the group's song 'Eat Your Heart Out' pumping in the background. A catchy slogan flashes near the end reading, ‘Meat Your Heart Out,’ as if the song’s refrain wasn’t already literal enough in the given context.

‘Eat Your Heart Out’ was written by Ronnie James Dio along with drummer Vinny Appice and guitarist Vivian Campbell for inclusion on the group’s 1984 release, ‘The Last in Line.’ While it never reached the success of its predecessor, ‘Holy Diver,’ the record is widely regarded as among the best metal records all time. In fact, the album’s lead off eponymous single, proved to be the band’s only top-10 hit.

This latest commercial isn’t the first time that the burger chain has turned to the world of metal to help promote their products. In 2013, the company ran an ad for their jalapeno turkey burger featuring the 1987 song, ‘The Ultra Violence’ by the band Death Angel.