Def Leppard recently released a deluxe reissue of their highly underrated 1996 album 'Slang' and the band is teaming up with Loudwire and Ultimate Classic Rock to bring you the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for 'Where Does Love Go When It Dies.'

The song, one of the band's more melodic tracks, is more of a bare bones tune, primarily featuring a strumming electric guitar, Joe Elliott's emotional vocals and some great backing harmonies. As for the lyric video, it's awash with a red backdrop while the lyrics pop on the screen accordingly, and by the end of the video the visuals are more shimmering like rays of light, mirroring the vibe of the song.

'Where Does Love Go When It Dies' was penned by Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen and initially appeared as one of the late album songs on the 'Slang' release in 1996. The track now gets more of a chance to shine with the new lyric video.

Collen recently told Billboard, "['Slang'] was an essential album for Def Leppard. It was a drastic move, left field for us. It was experimental. It went against the grain from what we were normally doing at the time. We felt like with 'Adrenalize' it started turning a little bit similar, so it was important to do something different at that point." The guitarist says that the album was overlooked at the period of release as a different era of grunge and hard rock were dominating the airwaves. But he adds, "Anyone who isn't a Def Leppard fan, you play it and they love it. They go, 'Wow, this is really cool. Who is it?' … But yeah, no one really heard it. There's the faithful few who absolutely love it and think it's the best Def Leppard album of all time, but it's a minority."

The 'Slang' deluxe reissue, which includes the original 11 album tracks remastered and rare bonus tracks made up of demos, alternate versions and mixes, recently arrived in stores and online in a variety of formats. It includes the singles 'Slang,' 'Work It Out' and 'All I Want Is Everything,' along with 'Where Does Love Go When It Dies.' You can pick it up via Amazon or iTunes, or check the band's website for a list of suggested retailers.