Def Leppard are set to embark on a summer tour with Heart, and if the past is any indication, then guitarist Phil Collen may want to keep an eye out (literally!) for high heels and smoke machines. The axe-man recently recounted some of his most bizarre onstage incidents from the band's storied career.

Collen told Revolver magazine in a new interview that he once got hit in the eye with a "woman's 'f--- me' pump" in Portland, Ore. The stiletto shoe gave him a black eye, but the issue didn't end there. Collen ended up having to get cataract surgery a few years later as a result of the injury. Among the other things he says the band has had thrown onstage at them are "ninja stars, scissors, a live cat [and] a three-foot-long double-headed dildo."

The guitarist also recalls a time in New Jersey when he fell right off his feet and onto his backside after he stepped on some oil from the stage's smoke machines. "I jumped up really fast and thought I had gotten away with it, until a fan in Boston said he'd seen one of our three shows at the Meadowlands," remembers Collen. "I asked him what night he went and he said, 'The one where you fell over!' Obviously, I’m not as slick as the oil."

Def Leppard's North American tour with Heart kicks off June 15 in West Palm Beach, Fla., and is scheduled through a Sept. 15 show in Seattle. Let's hope for the band's sake that they avoid the hysteria of any sharp projectiles.

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