Def Leppard have been credited (blamed?) for influencing the forthcoming Lady Gaga album, expected to drop later this year. Gaga struck a chord when she revealed to The Sun that she recognized the “big Leppard-style melodies in the choruses” but she insists that her music remains largely in the dance-electronic genres.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen have never been shy about naming their heroes. In fact, many of the same influences that Gaga has name-dropped in the past, Leppard have been praising for years, including David Bowie and Queen.

Those artists clearly helped her develop her personal style, as did other classic rockers that Gaga named as influences, such as Alice Cooper and "the Boss." "I'm obsessed with Bruce Springsteen,”she says.

It was Gaga’s Dad who actually turned her on to Def Leppard, so maybe he’s the one that should be applauded for playing all those good records at home. Regardless, now daughter Gaga has enough clout to invite any classic rock producer she wants to assist her, including the legendary Mutt Lange, who will reportedly produce one of the new album's songs.

What's the new record going to sound like? Well, apparently "it is an exploration of electronic music and techno songs, but I have created a genre of metal/dance/techno/rock/pop music with a lot of anthemic choruses, because that is actually the music I love."

Only Lady Gaga would dare to say that she’s creating a new genre of music. Still, if she channels her inner Sheffield and pulls off the Def Leppard tone she’s boasting about we might actually find ourselves singing and dancing along!