Pow! Pow! Welcome to the Def Leppard gun show! The physically fit guitar duo of Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell only seem to get better with age. Looking like poster boys for ‘Muscle and Fitness’ magazine, their two chiseled chests will likely go down in the annals of rock for their contributions to the genre in both machismo and masculinity. That raises the all-important question (okay, we admit it, maybe it's not that important, but it sure is fun) – which strummer would win in the battle of the Def Leppard biceps? We let you decide.

With a strict ‘shirts optional’ approach to their live show, both seem to share the same dislike for pesky clothing, often opting to play in the buff, at least from the waist up. One thing they obviously do enjoy though is hitting the gym. Collen’s been showing off his six pack and chiseled abs for ages, but who knew Vivian Campbell was sporting such a set of pecs under that guitar.

And if that weren’t enough, Collen’s six-pack is now giving back to the community. If you, like many of us, are struggling to support a measly two-pack under your own favorite Def Leppard ‘Hysteria’ t-shirt, no worries. Collen’s personal fitness regimen will soon be shared with the public in his upcoming fitness DVD ‘Physical Mechanics.’The workout has been perfected over the last seven years by Collen with a little help from muay Thai martial arts champion Jean Carrillo. Might we suggest a workout playlist that includes ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ followed by a little ‘Foolin'’ to get the blood going?

So without further adieu, we leave you with this one pressing question, which shirtless Def Leppard guitarist reigns supreme?