One of England’s most talented rock bands is headed to one of America's most popular TV shows tomorrow (Sept. 14) when Def Leppard appear on the season finale of the NBC variety competition ‘America’s Got Talent’ at 9PM ET.

The band reportedly was scheduled to stop by last week’s semi-final episode, but that appearance was not to be and ended up being pushed back a week.

It’s not known exactly what Leppard are going to do while on the show (they aren't competing, for those of you who haven't seen the show), but it wouldn’t be a huge stretch of the imagination expect them to do what they do best: rock the hell out! And while there’s a small but passionate contingent of Def Leppard fans that would hope otherwise, don’t expect the the band to be taking requests.

Actually, those Def Leppard fans' call for changes to setlists on the band’s current tour started quite a row with Joe Elliott, with the singer going so far as to call one particularly insistent fan a 'f---ing idiot.' That fan best back off the fight before things get too far out of hand -- after all, Elliott always has his guitarist Phil Collen, a trained Muay Thai kickboxer, to call in for reinforcements.

Leppard currently are on the road through a scheduled Dec. 14 gig in London.