Deep Purple fans who didn't take advantage of the multiple album reissues the band made available in 2011 will have an opportunity to get a fresh sampling of signature tracks and fan favorites in January. The heavy metal pioneers have been chosen as an 'Icon' artist by Universal Music Enterprises with an album of 11 hits available on Jan. 10.

'Smoke on the Water,' 'Woman From Tokyo' and 'Bad Attitude' are just three of the cuts chosen for the album. This project will not satiate Deep Purple fans hoping for a follow-up to 2005's 'Rapture of the Deep' -- however, there is mixed news on that topic. In October, Ian Gillan told the UK's Express and Star that despite all the touring they've done recently, they convened to write new music earlier in 2011.

“I think to get some progress as far as an album’s concerned you’ve got to have a target, you’ve got to work to a date, and that gives you pressure. If you’ve got the pressure you get stuff done. We don’t have a plan to be honest." He added that he did believe a new album would happen, eventually.

According to the band's official website, they'll return to the road in Canada in February 2012. The Smoke on the Nation Tour 2012 begins Feb. 2 in St Johns.

Deep Purple 'Icon' Track Listing:

1. 'Smoke on the Water'
2. 'Hush'
3. 'Woman From Tokyo'
4. Knocking on Your Back Door'
5. 'Call of the Wild'
6. 'Perfect Strangers'
7. 'Bad Attitude'
8. 'Nobody's Home'
9. 'Black Night'
10. 'Child in Time'
11. 'Strange Kind of Woman'