For the first time in years, Dee Snider says he's excited about making new music.

The Twisted Sister frontman has recorded a few new tracks for his upcoming Rhino compilation, 'Rock and Roll Ain't Dead - Dee Snider Essentials 1983-2015,' set to arrive in March. But unlike a lot of the previously unreleased material that tends to end up on these things, Snider says his new songs might be the start of something bigger.

"There are three new songs on there," Snider explained during an appearance on the 'One on One With Mitch Lafon' podcast, which you can listen to below. "There may even be a fourth. I'm actually working with a very contemporary writer now, who is on a mission to write me a new anthem that's going to appeal to new generations. And he's approached me about recording a song that he's working on. So there may be a fourth. So there's gonna be new music for the first time."

As Snider tells it, this recent creative burst came from hooking up with guitarist Nick Perri, who he insists has taken his solo band to a new level -- and, conveniently enough, came armed with hundreds of songs just waiting for lyrics and vocal melodies. Although he went into it feeling like the idea of a new record would be "f---ing nuts," now he's willing to entertain the notion -- if, that is, the demand is there.

Describing it as "testing the waters," Snider explained, "We've talked about doing an album, and I said, 'Nobody's buying albums.' I said, 'Who knows if anybody is even f---ing interested?'" So we put out this thing, and [if] people react to the new material and there's a positive reaction ... you may hear more Dee Snider solo."

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