How many karate kicks has David Lee Roth done while the cameras were rolling? The world will never know for sure, but the non-scientific answer is "obviously a lot."

As most Van Halen fans are already aware, martial arts have been a lifelong passion for Diamond Dave; as he told the A.V. Club in 2002, "I started my first martial-arts lesson on my 12th birthday up here at the Buddhist temple on Raymond Avenue in Pasadena. To this day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 in the morning, I train in Brazilian jujitsu ... Two nights a week, I have a kendo instructor come here, who's in his 60s, and I have a kendo hall that I built in my house here."

It's perhaps worth noting that Roth accidentally beat himself up later in the tour he was promoting during that interview, and was forced to cancel a string of dates during his recovery, but the fact remains that the man loves his martial arts, and they've always been a big part of his stage show -- as evidenced by the Ultimate David Lee Roth Karate Kick Compilation, a supercut of Far East antics for your viewing enjoyment that you can watch above.

This video has been around for awhile -- it was originally uploaded in 2010 -- but if you've never seen it or are just looking for something to tide you over until Roth finally gets around to delivering the full-length action thriller he teased in 2013, you might as well hit "play."

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