David Lee Roth's original solo band is going to try again.

Weeks after a first attempt at celebrating their 30th anniversary was scuttled because of overcrowding concerns, bassist Billy Sheehan confirms their plans to reunite once more, according to the David Lee Roth News Desk.

Guitarist Steve Vai, drummer Gregg Bissonette, Sheehan and Roth debuted in 1986 with Eat 'Em and Smile, a No. 4 Billboard smash. They returned for 1988's Skyscraper, Roth's second straight platinum release, but then the band began to splinter. Only Bissonette remained for 1991's A Little Ain't Enough, and he left thereafter. Keyboardist Brett Tuggle also played a key role in the latter project, having taken part in Roth's early tours, and he was set to join the nixed Nov. 25 reunion at the Lucky Strike Live in Los Angeles, as well.

But then an unannounced appearance at the show by David Lee Roth himself apparently turned this free show into a moment of pandemonium. The fire marshal ultimately canceled their November gig at the last minute, citing code violations.

“I apologize about this evening,” Roth said, as he left the Lucky Strike Live. “Looks like we were too popular. There were too many folks, so we’re going to try and find a place that has – should we go to the Hollywood Palladium, maybe?”

The group had previously announced that their main vocalist would be Ralph Saenz of Steel Panther fame. It's still unclear how far this reunion, once it gets going, will proceed. "There is no word yet if this will be just a show, or world tour," the David Lee Roth News Desk adds.

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