X-Files and Californication fans are about to hear a whole new side of David Duchovny.

Though he's best known for his acting, Duchovny branched out into songwriting over the past decade, and he's preparing to make his recording-artist debut with his new album, Hell or Highwater, due May 12. As Duchovny tells Rolling Stone, one of the album's songs, "Positively Madison Avenue," was inspired by his feelings of disgust while watching Bob Dylan's Super Bowl commercial.

"I was kind of disgusted by the commercialism that my kids were being subjected to and that I was a part of," explained Duchovny. "I love Bob Dylan and I think he can do whatever he wants – he's a treasure and a great man. He was just a convenient symbol for what I was feeling that day."

You can hear "Positively Madison Avenue" below:

Duchovny sums up those feelings in lines like "Jokerman takes off his mask / Reveals a car salesman at last / Says, 'Grow up son, you know it's just a masquerade / Now be a good boy and get me and the boss a Gatorade,'" although later verses expand his targets and eventually turn an accusing finger inward when he sings, "I really shouldn't be throwin' stones / 'Cause chasin' spooks on Fox I made my bones."

"I'm not a guy who came out of the womb with perfect pitch," Duchovny admitted to Billboard. "I'm never gonna win American Idol ... but I do have something to say."

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