David Coverdale's decision to re-record songs from his Deep Purple days with Whitesnake may have struck a nerve with some listeners, but that doesn't bother him too much. In a recent interview, he profanely struck back at those who posted negative comments on YouTube for his new version of "Stormbringer."

"I've never made music for the haters," he told Classic Rock. "If somebody develops a cure for cancer, there will still be haters. I've no space in my life for haters or negaters. They're not gonna buy my record. They won't buy a ticket. Why the f--- should I give a f---? They're probably sitting at home, running their WiFi off their mother's account. I owe those people nothing. Such opinions mean nothing to me. I'm talking to you from a f---ing very, very beautiful residential studio. I have a home overlooking Lake Tahoe. I'm 63 years old, booking a world tour, the tickets are flying out the door [...] The odds are not in these people's favor. They are wasting their hate."

Whitesnake's Purple Album, which was released this week, features 13 songs Deep Purple made during Coverdale's mid-'70s stint fronting the group. The record started while he was in talks with Ritchie Blackmore to reunite their old group, but when that fell through, Coverdale's wife suggested bringing Whitesnake into the equation. And even though a relative handful of fans complained, Coverdale is satisfied with both the result and his legacy, especially when compared with those who weren't thrilled with the new work.

"I won't release something unless I believe in it. I've come to a time in my life, after a very successful career, where I will do exactly what I like. Online the other day some clown wrote, 'Coverdale's well must have run dry.' Well, what you have done in your life? Over 40 years I've sold more than 100 million records and written countless f---ing rock 'n' roll anthems. How f---ing dare you criticize me, dude? F--- off to your bedroom."

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