Well into their third season, the A.V. Club's 'Undercover' series continues to entertain on a regular basis. The format is simple: bands stopping by the site's Chicago headquarters are given the opportunity to perform a cover from a list of 25 songs. But once the song is performed, it cannot be used again. Already this season we've seen the Head and the Heart cover Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way' and the Punch Brothers put some bluegrass into the Cars' 'Just What I Needed.'

The latest installment finds Memphis country-punk veterans Lucero, whose album 'Women & Work' was released on March 20, tackling David Bowie's 1983 hit 'Modern Love.' Why did they choose that song? Lead singer Ben Nichols explains that it was both because keyboardist Rick Steff is a huge Bowie fan, and the song gave the band's two-piece horn section something to do.

Lucero don't play around too much with the arrangement, but between their own aesthetic, with Nichols' whiskey-soaked vocals at the fore, the original's high-gloss sheen is stripped clean. They don't so much transform the song as show its roots in Southern country-soul, which is very much their wheelhouse, especially with Steff's honky-tonk piano playing.

Watch Lucero Cover David Bowie's 'Modern Love'

Lucero covers David Bowie