Plans to etch David Bowie’s alter ego ‘Ziggy Stardust’ on the facade of an apartment block in Melbourne’s Prahran district is currently in the works. Prahran, also known as Pran, is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Developer Donald Musto plans to put the image of the 1973 ‘Aladdin Sane’ album cover on his new $10 million, 5-story residential project.

According to the Herald Sun, the image will be etched on the facade’s perforated metal screen which by adjusting each unit’s screens, residents will be able to control Bowie’s eyes and lips, changing Ziggy’s expression at leisure.

The beloved Ziggy character will soon turn 40 years old, so this is clearly a gargantuan way to pay homage to one of rock’s most iconic images. Musto is a Bowie fan and feels that this particular image spans a wide generational group. This certainly gives the Ziggy lyric “press your space face close to mine love” a brand new meaning.

It's good that Bowie's popping up in new ways like this, because if the author of a recent biography is to be believed, there's no way we're seeing him on a concert stage anytime soon.