Covers of classic rock songs by indie acts are quite the rage these days. Yesterday we wrote about the Flaming Lips taking on the Beatles' 'All You Need Is Love,' and now we have Beck performing David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision' last night (Feb. 5) in Los Angeles.

According to Rolling Stone, the occasion was an invitation-only performance on a soundstage at 20th Century Fox's studios. The night was sponsored by the Lincoln Motor Company, who are using Beck's cover in an upcoming ad campaign. With only 280 people in the audience, Beck recast Bowie's uptempo classic from his 1977 album 'Low,' playing an acoustic guitar while his father, arranger David Campbell, conducted a 157-piece orchestra.

But this wasn't your typical string section. The group featured two choirs, vintage electronic instruments, a saw player and a Chinese percussionist. As Beck explained, "It was an experiment and an opportunity to try something completely irrational. I attempted to conjure some scenario that could only exist in this kind of space for a one-time performance. It's doing something you could never do on a tour. I was thinking a lot about Busby Berkeley films and multiples of musicians and dancers."

Beck performed the song three times, then gave the audience a few of his own songs, including his 1996 hit, 'Where It's At,' and another cover -- Chris Bell's power pop classic, 'I Am the Cosmos.'

The performance of 'Sound and Vision' was filmed, and will be available for viewing online, where fans will be able to choose a variety of camera angles and other visuals.