The news that David Bowie had tucked a new recording into his latest career compilation excited a lot of fans, but you can count former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog among those who were less than impressed with the end result.

Oldham went public with his disdain during a recent interview, sneering that he'd just heard the new single, 'Sue (Or in a Season of Crime),' and comparing it with the worst of baroque pop singer-songwriter Scott Walker. "As I’ve said," he reminded his interviewer, "Old people make old music."

Should Bowie feel slighted by Oldham's withering assessment of his latest effort, he can perhaps take comfort in the knowledge that he wasn't the only musician singled out for scorn during the interview.

Former Squeeze keyboardist and long-running BBC talk show host Jools Holland also came under fire, with Oldham suggesting, "They really should inject his hands with cocaine so that he cannot play piano anymore." Explaining that he's watched Holland "walk all over" a long line of musical guests, he called Holland's show, 'Later ... With Jools Holland,' "a very good show ... apart from Jools."

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