A David Bowie musical titled 'Heroes' will premiere at the IndigO2 venue, inside London's former Millennium Dome, in March 2012. The Guardian reports that Bowie has approved the futuristic musical based on his hits, however there's been no mention of it on Bowie's official site at this time.

If it indeed comes to fruition, 'Heroes' will be the first full-scale musical dedicated to the music of Bowie, who rarely gives permission for his songs to be used for such productions. Even the musical's writer Deep Singh seemed surprised to have received the green light. "We could not really believe it when they gave us permission," he told The Guardian. "His people had warned us that it was very unlikely that he would be interested and that he had been asked many times before."

Singh believes that Bowie has given them consent based on the fact that his story is not a nostalgic tribute, but instead is set in the future, aiming to show the timeless relevance of Bowie's lyrics. 'Heroes' will feature more than 30 performers and include about 20 Bowie tunes, including classics like 'The Man Who Sold The World,' 'The Jean Genie,' 'Let's Dance' and, of course, the title track.

The real heroes in the story are the charities that are associated with this production, which include an army of non-conventional heroes operating everyday in local communities. These organizations have been hand-picked specifically as they provide opportunities for underprivileged children, young talent and physically disabled young adults to take part in the performing arts. They will directly benefit from the profits and awareness generated by this musical, and some of those associated with the charities will even be involved in the show.

Singh's overall vision for this production is beyond honoring the songs of Bowie, it's about allowing everyone to be a hero...if just for one day.