David Bowie artifacts will exhibit at London's Victoria and Albert Museum when 'British Design 1948-2012: Innovation In The Modern Age' opens in March 2012. Three pieces from Bowie's 1973-1974 period will be featured in the exhibition which is dedicated to some of the classics, of post-war British design.

Bowie's official website reported that the original dye-transfer photograph for the 'Aladdin Sane' album cover photographed by Brian Duffy, as well as the 'Diamond Dogs' session photograph of Bowie by Terry O'Neill are two of the relics planned to display.  The other must see, is the knitted wool, one legged - one armed stage costume designed by Kansai Yamamoto in 1973.

In other Bowie news, musician/dj Moby told Time that if someone put a gun to his head and he was forced to choose his favorite song of the last 100 years, it would definitely be 'Heroes.' "The beauty of David Bowie is that he really knew what he was doing. There is a lot of simplicity in 'Heroes' but there's a deceptive amount of complexity as well."

Moby who toured with Bowie in 2002, recorded a touching video tribute to his mentor claiming that he played the 'Heroes' cassette so many times that it became unplayable. When Moby shared his admiration for the song with Bowie, the songwriter shared some trivia with him, admitting that when he originally wrote the song, he was covering a version of the Velvet Underground's 'Waiting For The Man' but as a result 'Heroes' emerged.