We may have an idea as to why Dave Grohl curses so much whenever he's on a microphone. In a new interview, he said that attending next month's Emmy Awards will be tough for him because he suffers from social anxiety.

"It's just going to be such a crazy night, I just can't imagine," he told Golden Derby in the above video. "I think I'll feel like that kid who is the new kid at school, the first day at school. I'll probably just sit down, with my back up against the wall, just nervous, and waiting to see who is going to want to talk to me. I have a little bit of social anxiety. It might seem hard to imagine, but in rooms like that, I kind of clam up. I mean, put me at the f---ing Grammys, and I know everybody there, and I've got a bottle of whiskey in my hands the whole time, but we'll see what happens"

Grohl's Sonic Highways, an eight-part travelogue HBO mini-series that chronicled the recording of the Foo Fighters' 2014 album of the same name, is nominated for four Emmys: Best Informational Series or Special, Best Directing (Nonfiction Programming), Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. He credited the network for helping to make his transition from rock star to acclaimed director as smooth as it could be.

"To be considered a part of the television filmmaking scene is such an incredible honor," he continued. "The people that I worked with at HBO were so amazing because they basically said, 'Yeah, just do whatever you wanna do. You know what you're doing.' ... We would go out and get hammered together and come out with ideas for episodes. It wasn't some crazy corporate boardroom thing. So within our organization, it was really just people hanging out talking about music. And then everyone at HBO was so welcoming and so cool -- if that's what the television world is like, then Hallef---inlujah. I'll do this all day long."

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