"When a Rock God breaks a leg, he finishes the show. When mortals sign his cast, they do it with the internet." While Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recuperates from the broken leg he suffered during a tour stop in Sweden last week, fans can do their part by "signing" their well wishes onto a cast that's being printed up and shipped to him by the folks behind the appropriately named Sign Dave's Cast.

How does it work? Let's allow the site to explain: "Sign Dave's cast on Twitter by posting with #SignDavesCast. All posts will appear on Dave's Virtual Cast. And as many as possible will be printed on an actual cast sleeve that will be sent to Dave."

It's a cool idea that may bring a smile to the hobbled Grohl, whose injury has forced the band to cancel its remaining tour dates — including a pair of headlining sets at Glastonbury on June 19 and 20 that, as the NME reports, Grohl was particularly looking forward to playing.

Calling it "maybe the biggest week in the group’s career," Grohl said, "I don't really know if we have that same kind of iconic old-school festival back home ... I'm so excited to show up, walk on the side of the stage, look at the audience and just think – oh, this is gonna be gooooood."

In fact, as Grohl went on to add, he had potentially big plans for the shows, including a possible guest appearance from Paul McCartney, who'd invited him onstage for a performance of "I Saw Her Standing There" on May 23. "I didn't have a guitar, I’d had like 17 beers. He's like, ‘Okay, you're doing ‘I Saw Her Standing There.' Then he walks back onstage and I’m like 'F---!' I turn to one of his techs, they hand me the guitar and they're just like, ‘Go!’ That’s how that happened," he recalled. "So if Paul happens to be standing round the side of the stage at Glastonbury, this time it’ll be me saying: 'Paul! 'All My Life'! It's in the key of G. Let’s go.’"

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