Dave Grohl sorta helped a fan with terminal cancer complete his bucket list recently. The Foo Fighters frontman has been going out of his way lately for his fans, and his latest act of generosity proves he may be rock's most likable star (kinda like the opposite of Scott Weiland, if you will).

According to Yahoo News Australia, 56-year-old Ken Powell has had melanoma cancer since 2001, but six years ago it was classified as terminal. Since then, he's been checking off items on his bucket list. One of them is to meet the leader of his favorite band.

Powell was scheduled to meet Grohl a few weeks back when the Foo Fighters toured Australia. But Grohl came down with food poisoning and had to cancel his meet-and-greet session in Perth, where Powell was supposed to meet him.

A flight attendant on an airline the Foos were on heard about Powell’s bucket list, and shared his story with Grohl, who took a photo of himself saying hi to Powell, and sent it along with an autograph, band souvenirs and VIP tickets to the group’s Los Angeles show.

Powell's daughter has since set up a Facebook page as well as a Go Fund Me site to help get her dad to the concert. He needs to raise $20,000 to cover the expenses of the trip. Any additional funds that are collected with toward research at the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

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