News from outside the world of classic rock: A garage-punk band from Melbourne has had a Seattle concert canceled on account of its name: Cuntz.

Stereogum is reporting that the promoter, C.J. Frederick of DASWASUP GIG, threw them off the Oct. 13 bill at the Victory Lounge after receiving too many complaints. “It’s not up to me to decide what is and isn’t offensive to folks,” he wrote on a since-deleted Facebook post, “but I do feel like it’s my responsibly to listen to the voices of my friends, peers and fellow musicians who have been upset by me booking a band called Cuntz. I decide to stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue. … Apologies to folks who have been hurt and/or offended by this show. This is not the kind of thing I want DASWASUPGIG to represent, and I admit to having rolled the dice when I should have just said ‘no thanks.’”

Frederick added that Cuntz were able to find a different venue for that night, Lucky Liquor, but that his company is not involved. Despite this controversy, DASWASUP GIG is still promoting an Oct. 23 concert at the Black Lodge by a group called Child Abuse.

Nicole Erin Yalaz of the band’s U.S. booking agency, Strange Victory Touring, wrote on Facebook, “The Cuntz show in Seattle has been canceled because of their name. I'm so disgusted right now.. So sick of these rich young college kids who think that trolling a show into being canceled is making a difference in the world. I hope you all die from your PTSD.”

While one could say that this is a case of political correctness – the "C-word" doesn't carry the same stigma or connotation in the band's home country – the counter-argument is that the band members chose their name deliberately, knowing that it was an offensive term (see the all-girl early British punk band Slits). It’s not like they were saddled with it at birth, like journeyman baseball player from the early ‘80s Rusty Kuntz.

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