Classic rock vets (and known political activists) David Crosby and Graham Nash got in on the Occupy Wall Street, uh, fun. The '60s rockers actually participated in the movement by performing an acoustic set on an unseasonably mild Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 8), entertaining those who gathered at Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park in New York City. The duo elected to perform a short set after paying a visit to the park last week.

Stephen Stills is also currently touring as part of Crosby, Stills and Nash, but he did not take part in the Occupy Wall Street performance. The threesome played the Beacon Theater in the Big Apple on Monday (Nov. 7), so at least the guys are making use of their time in between gigs to do something productive and creative.

The duo performed a set of four songs for the occcupants and the gathered crowd, much of which sang along with them. It may be 2011, but the performance surely had an air of '60s rebellion as well as a "speak your mind" vibe.

It harked back to an era long gone by, when music was an instrument of and a vehicle for change as well as the means by which the youth communicated their displeasure. Crosby and Nash are a lot older than many of the people they sang to, but their performance was inspiring to this new crop of demonstrators and protesters.

Watch David Crosby and Graham Nash Perform at Occupy Wall Street