Two very different groups -- Cream and the Byrds -- square off against each other in the first round of the second-ever Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame election. Each month, our readers will determine which of eight legendary artists or bands is immortalized forever for their contributions to classic rock history.

As our Top 10 Byrds Songs list shows, the Roger McGuinn-fronted group (which also counted David Crosby, Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman among its members at various points) are perhaps best known for their popular series of Bob Dylan covers, but their true legacy lies in how they pioneered new ways to weave folk, country and even psychedelic jazz into rock and roll.

In their brief time together, Cream became one of the rare supergroups to live up to their advance hype. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker merged their formidable individual talents to create a bold, sometimes psychedelic (and yes, loud) new version of blues-inspired rock and roll. A quick glance at the titles on our Top 10 Cream Songs list should explain pretty clearly why they're in the running for this honor.

So will one of rock's most important power trios, or one of its most eclectic groups of explorers advance to the next round of this month's Hall of Fame voting? It's your choice. You can vote once a day from now until 11:59PM ET on Sunday, April 14. You can read the Hall of Fame's official rules right here. Mark your calendars for May 1, when the second entrant into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame (joining the Kinks) is revealed.



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