Today Nikki Sixx and Slash are declared Golden Gods, Mel Gibson's name may be mud to John Lennon fans, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says "neener" to Axl Rose, who as it turns out, is far from the first to say "no thanks" to the organization.

Plus Gregg Allman talks about a pivotal point in his life, Steven Tyler plays Cupid, a Beatle turns up on our Top 100 Classic Rock Song list, and a super-klassy Megadeth fan has a heavy-metal bun in the oven.

Today’s Stories from Ultimate Classic Rock:

Gregg Allman Says He Hit a Personal Crossroads During the 1995 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction
Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler May Be Surprise Guest at Tonight’s ‘Metal Masters’ Clinic
Female Megadeth Fan To Man She ‘Hooked Up’ With at Chicago Concert: ‘I’m Pregnant’
Axl Rose Joins Sex Pistols, Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Hall of Fame Open Letter’ Club
No. 56: George Harrison, ‘My Sweet Lord’ – Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to Axl Rose: You’re Being Inducted Anyway
Mel Gibson Rumored to Say of John Lennon: ‘I’m Glad He’s Dead’
No. 57: Joe Walsh, ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ – Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
Nikki Sixx and Slash Win Golden Gods Awards
No. 55: Def Leppard, 'Photograph' - Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
Steven Tyler Plays Matchmaker on ‘American Idol’

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