It's not quite as hard to find a classic rocker with a physique suitable to play Thor as it is for the Hulk, but now we've also got to look for a rock star with hair worthy of a god.

Longtime Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde -- who isn't a part-time professional wrestler... why exactly? -- probably fits the casting call cleanest.

But if you're looking for an eternal legend who wielded the musical "Hammer of the Gods" as frontman for Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant also makes an excellent choice.

And you wanna talk unkillable? How about Gregg Allman -- both he and his long flowing locks have survived things that would make demi-gods tremble.

Last but not least, and even though he's rocking a sensible haircut nowadays, it's hard to believe Metallica's James Hetfield couldn't grow back his mane and swing with the best of them.