In order to find a classic rocker fit to wear the red, white and blue of America's truest hero, Captain America, we may need to be a bit lax about our requirements regarding the blonde-hair, blue-eyed bit.

After all, who's done more to fight for American values than Bruce Springsteen? Granted, he's a bit long in the tooth, but whatever super-soldier serum he ingested for his 'Born in the U.S.A'-era muscle makeover still has him ready for duty.

But the choice isn't that easy. There's one other elder contender: Mr. 'Like a Rock' himself, Bob Seger, long-time champion of the working man.

Now, if you're going to insist on getting the appearance a bit closer to the real Steve Rogers, may we suggest Jon Bon Jovi, who's also been known to support good, important causes?

Or, if you wanna go left-field, and have some real fun, let's get Van Halen lead singer "Diamond" David Lee Roth all decked out in the stars and stripes. It'd be worth it JUST to see how he re-did the costume.