Longtime Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings will release a five-CD 'Collectors' Edition Box Set' of their past studio albums on Oct. 25, featuring guest appearance from Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, fellow former Stone Mick Taylor and others.

Wyman says he sees the Rhythm Kings -- who mostly cover rock and R&B tunes from the '50s and '60s -- as a chance to indulge in his love of roots rock. "The Stones never liked early rock 'n' roll -- they're hard-core blues fans," he tells the Wall Street Journal. "I'm a bit older, and I love Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnnie Ray and people I grew up with."

He's also planning on publishing a follow-up to 'Stone Alone,' a memoir that covered the early years of the Stones, the band's rise and the death of late guitarist Brian Jones. "It [will be] my second Rolling Stones memoir," Wyman says of the as-yet-untitled book. "I'm writing from the start. My first, 'Stone Alone,' covered 1962 to 1969 but was criticized for being too long and detailed. This is more reflective. I'm now up to 1973."

Wyman quit the Stones nearly 20 years ago, but says a day doesn't go by without somebody asking up the band. "Taxicab drivers, people in the streets -- they all ask about the Stones and when we're touring again," admits Wyman. "When I say I'm no longer in the band, they seem stuck for a moment. It's all very sweet. I was with them for 30 years, wasn't I."