We only have a few weeks to go before Christine McVie embarks on her much-anticipated reunion tour with Fleetwood Mac, and anticipation is running high -- particularly with McVie herself.

She talked about her hopes for the tour during a recent interview with Elle, reliving the fear of flying that drove her out of the spotlight years ago, as well as the therapy sessions that helped bring her back to music.

"If I don’t do anything about this flying business, I’m never going to go anywhere or do anything," she recalled telling herself, and talked about finally getting back on a plane with Mick Fleetwood by her side. "We took off, and the feeling was, ‘God, I’m free!'"

Now, McVie says, she's working out in order to make sure she's in peak shape for the tour, as well as writing new songs for an upcoming Fleetwood Mac LP (although there's no word yet on a possible release date). Freshly recommitted to her art and reunited with the lineup responsible for the band's best-selling releases, she's ready to, as she put it, "kick-start my life again."

"I feel like I know where I’m going now," McVie stated simply. "I want to enjoy this."