The real answer to what happened to Chickenfoot 'II' is not nearly as interesting as the question, so the band made up a few entertaining stories. After they released their second album 'III' this year, fans were left wondering "What the heck?" In a spoof video called 'Behind the Foot' at Rolling Stone, all four bandmates come up with their own fantastic explanations.

Michael Anthony and Joe Satriani both explain that the missing 'II' album was recorded in an aircraft, although Anthony insists that NASA wanted the guitarist for a space experiment onboard a shuttle. "The only problem was, that the dates that they wanted to do that, was the same dates as Sammy's birthday bash," he says, sitting in a wicker rocking chair in front of a few classic cars. His story falls apart at that point.

Satriani says he did want to record in a weightless environment, but the sounds they got when the 747 he rented went into a nosedive weren't up to par. The concept was to leave the burdens of recording on Earth behind. "We'd be free, free of all the concerns that everyone was bringing with them on Earth."

Drummer Chad Smith's explanation involves Sasquatch and is confusing. Sammy Hagar says the band kicked him out to record 'II,' but then brought him back in when it sucked. "Chad Smith, stabbed me in the back. Just like Al (Alex Van Halen) did, you know." OK, none of this really happened.

A footnote to the article talks about the band's plans to tour arenas in 2013, but when asked if they'd play Van Halen songs Hagar doesn't miss a chance to take a swing at his former bandmates. "Joe doesn’t need to be playing Eddie’s parts," he says. "That would be degrading, and we aren't that kind of band."