Chickenfoot breaks down the song ‘The Last Temptation’ during the first episode of a track-by-track breakdown podcast series that will lead up to the Sept. 27 release of their new album 'III.'

This series allows the fans a rare opportunity to stop, look and listen to what the band has to say about their new album. This episode reveals how the album's opening song came together musically and lyrically, and is followed up with a preview clip of the audio track.

Sammy Hagar assures fans that ‘The Last Temptation’ is what they might expect, although he also promises some new twists. Joe Satriani admitted he was surprised at the sudden melody he came up with after recording the initial rhythms and riffs for the song: “I thought, that’s pretty chunky, that says something and it has a classic tone to it.” Though it was still in the demo stage, Hagar loved it and claims that it was that melody that set the whole song up.

The band will perform a special concert webcast on Sept. 27, the same day ‘Chickenfoot III’ gets released. Veteran Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Elton John) will sit in on the drums when Chickenfoot hits the road because Chad Smith will be out touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Watch Chickenfoot's 'Last Tempation' Video Podcast