Sammy Hagar and Chickenfoot were so touched by the many letters they received prior to releasing their new album 'III' and the song 'Three and a Half Letters (I Need a Job),' they're asking for more. Plus they're looking to help. A statement on the band's website explains how fans in a pinch can lean on the rockers' fame for their next gig.

"We will be reviewing all letter submissions and then publishing them here and at shows while we are on the road to help provide a wider audience for friends of the 'Foot in need of work," the band says. Letter writers are encouraged to provide a description of skills as well as share where he or she lives. The idea is that Chickenfoot fans with jobs to be filled will read a letter written by someone in their community and offer to help.

The song 'Three and a Half Letters' was inspired by letters Hagar had received prior to recording the album. The singer previously explained how moving some of the requests were. “The idea didn’t dawn on me until I read the letter I received from the guy who just returned from Afghanistan … and at the end of his letter he wrote, ‘Can you help? I need a job.’ And the song came together.”

The band is also teaming up with Feeding America, with Hagar is encouraging fans to give back through that charity. "I think one of the easiest ways is by making contributions to a local food bank. I hope we get this message across in this video and while we are on tour."

Right now only four letters are up at, but the page just went live Thursday (Oct. 20).