Chickenfoot goes literal and comedic in the video for their current single 'Big Foot,' with a man in a big chicken suit acting out many of the song's lyrics as he races for an important rendezvous with a beautiful woman.

The song is the first track from the band's upcoming second album 'Chickenfoot III' (the titling disparity has been covered ad nausuem by now), which hits stores on Sept. 27.  It's an extremely fun, stomping track, and this video captures its spirit perfectly.

In between scenes of Chickenfoot performing the song live, complete with temporary new drummer Kenny Aronoff (did we know he was that jacked-up, by the way?), our hero leads his actual chicken counterparts in a daring escape from their coop, then steals a car and heads out on a romantic mission.

Along the way, he stops at a bar, gets his car stolen (or reclaimed by its rightful owner, it's hard to tell), then pulls a sweet-eyed innocent young girl off her bicycle, only to reject it as a crotch-busting way to travel. His adventures frequently line up perfectly with Sammy Hagar's lyrics -- checking out the mirror, running out of gas, cranking 'Houses of the Holy.'

Finally, after Joe Satriani's done dazzling us with his guitar solo, our fine feathered friend steals a razor scooter and makes it all the way across the Golden Gate bridge (stopping for some more smokes and shots, of course) for his important morning meeting. His lovely, blonde, and partially feathered date is waiting for him, and just as they're about to re-connect...BAM! Always look both ways, chicken-man!

Watch Chickenfoot's 'Big Foot' Video