The album jacket of Chickenfoot's new album is curious, but it's certainly not amongst the strangest album jackets ever, or even this year. If the symbol has you scratching your head however, it's because you're not wearing the "3D optical enhancers," or 3D glasses for the unsophisticated.

Each album comes with a pair, allowing you to properly view the cover pic, as well as inside photos of band members Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony, stats, and a Q&A. Rumors that the band was also considering adding a scratch-n-sniff sticker to the back cover could not be confirmed.

In the video below, Meat & Potatoes creative director Todd Gallopo walks you through wearing the glasses. Surprisingly it's not as simple as: 1) prepare for amazement 2) Put them on your face 3) Be amazed. A couple of features rely only on the red lens, so one must choose between taking the glasses off and scanning the feature in question, or closing the right eye.

Watch the 'Chickenfoot III' Packaging Walkthrough