When Phil Lynott and the legendary Thin Lizzy wrote their smash hit ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ back in the early '70s, Lynott drew inspiration from a gang of miscreants and criminals that worked over his hometown of Manchester, where he grew up as a young boy.

Chase Sapphire chose a different route for the classic tune in their new credit card commercial. From gangs to hangs, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ is used as a musical backdrop as a father and his two sons share some "guy time" at a local diner, or as the ad says, "making lunch, more than just lunch.” The feel good moment mixes well with the classic tune, letting it live on another day.

‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ was featured on Thin Lizzy’s 1976 release ‘Jailbreak.’

Since its creation the song has collected an arsenal of ‘Best of’ awards including a spot on Rolling Stone’s 2004 list of ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time' and Ultimate Classic Rock's very own 'Top 100 Classic Rock Songs' list.

Although Lynott passed away in 1986, Thin Lizzy continues on with founding member Brian Downey and long-time member Scott Gorham. The band is currently working on new music for the first time in many years.

Hear Thin Lizzy‘s 'Boys Are Back in Town' in the Chase Sapphire Commercial