Collin McLoughlin dropped out of grad school to boldly pursue his dream of singing and performing. His family didn't approve of such pursuits, but in the end, he proved them wrong by getting not one, not two, but three judges to turn their chairs around for him during the blind auditions on tonight's (Sept. 18) episode of 'The Voice.' So how did he do it? With his smooth, mellow and near flawless rendition of Cat Stevens' classic 'Wild World,' that's how.

The boyish McLoughlin sang confidently, infusing the song with incredible warmth and tenderness, as he strummed away on his acoustic guitar. Christina Aguilera was the sole judge who didn't turn her chair around, claiming his rendition was too mellow for her taste. But Adam Levine felt that McLoughlin had laser sharp tone and that's why he wanted the budding singer for his team. McLoughlin eventually chose Levine as his coach.

He picked a great classic rock song with which to make an impression. We don't think Stevens aka Yusef Islam would be mortified by this rendition. Nevertheless, McLoughlin might go down the classic rock road again as the season progresses. Or not.

Watch Collin McLoughlin Perform 'Wild World' on 'The Voice'