Here's one big clue for today's mystery yearbook photo classic rocker -- one of his bandmates has already appeared in this feature. Today's fresh-faced young man also went on to become one of the more influential (and some would say tragically underrated) guitarists of the '60s and early '70s.

While that previously mentioned bandmate and his brooding poetic frontman ways were undoubtedly the focus of much of the attention lauded on this influential L.A.-based band, our secret guitar hero used his unique, jazz-influenced finger-picking style and songwriting chops to help create some of rock's most memorable moments.

Odds are, if you've ever been alone on a rainy late night car ride with the classic rock radio station on, his music has helped you ride out the storm, maybe even to break on through to a brighter morning. OK unless you people are strange, you've got to know who we're talking about now, right?