He's not exactly a classic rocker, but this dark-eyed boy is certainly a favorite in rock crowds. He's known for his music, but also for his comedy. One movie in particular is enough to boost his rock-cred to our standards. Do you think you can figure out who this is?

The California-born actor and singer graduated from high school in the late '80s and began his music career several years later. Rock music is a serious pursuit for the married father, even though his songs may be a little over the top. OK, his duo's music is way over the top. In fact, everything he does is pushed to the max.

You may be able to guess who it is just by looking at him. Draw in some graying stubble and mess up his hair a bit and you have the grown-up version. Click the button below to find out if your guess is right and to see more classic-rock yearbook pictures.