What a sweet face this future hell-raiser has! You'll likely never see him in a suit and tie again. Heck, it's hard to imagine seeing him without sunglasses or dark mascara on ever again. Rocker, television star, author, dyslexic, drug abuser and carnivore ... all these titles fit this famous singer. 

Do you think you know which legend is smiling so brightly in this school-aged photo? The British-born lad was raised with a different name in a family of eight. He watched his father abuse his mother, and began to find his own life spiraling out of control before his music career began. The Beatles were a big influence, and they remain one of his favorite bands.

The love of a good woman turned his life around eventually, and 45 years after forming his first band, he recently reunited with the group that made him a star. Take a guess, and then click on the button below to find out if you're right.